Why Us?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to addressing your family’s health care needs. In deciding where to establish care and who you will trust your children with we encourage you to consider a few important points:

How was your dentist trained?

  • General Practitioner:
    • FOUR years dental school
  • Dr. Johnson:
    • FOUR years dental school
    • + ONE year general practice residency
    • + TWO years pediatric dentistry residency
    • + BOARD CERTIFICATION from the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry
    • Dr. Johnson is well versed on the subjects of early childhood growth and development, child psychology, sedation, dental trauma, behavior guidance techniques and in the care of many patients with special health care needs or developmental disabilities.

Have you called your dentist and experienced long waits for an appointment?

  • Let us care for you sooner. Our office is eager to welcome your family to our family and to see to your every need for many years to come.

Has your child had a negative or a poor experience with dentistry in the past?

  • Let us redefine what a trip to the dentist can be. While we do not have a magic wand we do know a lot of tricks that lend to success. We can often help a child who is shy, anxious, or extremely scared if there have been major challenges in the past.

Who was the office designed for?

  • Not all dental offices are made equal, just like schools. Our facility is designed entirely with your child in mind. We have open spaces for kids to interact with and to mimic other well adapted kids. Our procedure rooms are equipped for most any scenario whether your child is young or grown.
  • We have TVs on the ceiling, developmental toys, and an amazing prize wall. …But we haven’t forgotten about the parents. Please sip on a warm cup of coffee from our Keurig and enjoy the precious free time while we carefully guide your child through each planned step of their appointment.

Is the equipment modern and effective?

  • From our dental chairs, to our radiographic equipment and specialized sedation monitors, we have invested heavily to see that your child is well cared for. Dr. Johnson has worked with industry leaders to put together a world class facility that will rival the best in any major city today. Pediatric Dentistry of Keller is bright, inviting, fresh and modern. We opened our doors near the end of 2019.

What is the value of having just ONE doctor?

  • Small is personal! We are not a large multi-doctor group and you are not just a number.
  • Dr. Johnson cares deeply about his patients and their families. He is highly invested in you and in your community. His children attend local schools, he supports local charities and tries to partner in community events that improve lives right here in your hometown.
  • Children thrive when there is consistency, familiarity and trust. You will see Dr. Johnson at every visit. He is the ONE and only doctor at Pediatric Dentistry of Keller.